The World Premiere show for camera and photo imaging CP+ CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2022

Event Overview

CP+2022 Exhibition Subjects

  • ●Digital cameras (SLR cameras, compact cameras) ●Interchangeable lenses ●Digital camcorders/digital movie cameras
  • ●Film cameras (SLR cameras, compact cameras, medium format cameras, large format cameras, special cameras, camera with interchangeable lenses)
  • ●Film (Color negative, color reversal, monochrome) ●Mobile devices with built-in cameras ●Scanners (Film scanners, flatbed scanners)
  • ●Camera accessories (Stabilizers, gimbals, cranes, dollies, Tripods, monopods, camera platforms, camera bags, filters, strobes, conversion lenses, battery grips, exposure meters, moisture-proof cabinets, camera cleaning supplies, battery packs, various batteries, power sources)
  • ●Smartphone accessories ●Memory cards ●Security cameras
  • ●Drones/wearable cameras/security camera/AR・VR/other multi-purpose cameras ●Video/CG production
  • ●Lightings (Large studio strobes, location strobes, LED lighting equipment, tungsten lighting equipment, halogen lamp lighting equipment)
  • ●Studio accessories (Stands, tripods, camera platforms, back screens, chairs for photographs, platforms for group photographs, light boxes, general props for photography)
  • ●Accessories for merchandise Photography (Merchandise photographing base, background paper)
  • ●Telescopes/binoculars (Astronomical telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes) ●Microscopes/medical instruments
  • ●Camera/lens modules (Electronic devices, optical devices, firmware development and evaluation systems)
  • ●Photographic equipment (Studio and indoor decorations, floral decorations, amenity supplies)
  • ●Clothes and cosmetics (Dresses, set of Japanese clothes, makeup supplies, bouquets) ●Outdoors/sports
  • ●Printers/MFPs ●Photo printing paper/ink ●Printing services (Store printing, kiosk terminals, on-line printing) ●4K/8K TVs ●Projectors/screens
  • ●Blu-ray/DVD/HDD recorders ●Home theater systems ●Digital photo frames ●Digital photo storage/photo viewers
  • ●Digital audio players with display ●Computer displays ●Color management devices ●Graphics tablets
  • ●Image processing software (Photo retouch, RAW processing, photo management, album creation) ●Video editing software ●VR/AR
  • ●Storage media (Blu-ray, DVD, CD-R/RW drives and discs, SSD, HDD)
  • ●Darkroom equipment (Film developing, enlargers, photographic papers, processing chemicals)
  • ●Photo lab equipment (Mini lab equipment, development processing systems, photographic papers, processing chemicals)
  • ●Printing-related equipment and systems (DTP, input-output devices, image processing, color proof equipment)
  • ●Slideshow devices (Projectors, viewers, files, screens) ●Photo display-related devices (Photo frames, mounts, frames, dry mount materials)
  • ●Photo storage/management devices (School albums, photo albums, photo books) ●Photography & Video-related literature
  • ●Photo & Video-support businesses
  • ●Computers ●Network HDTVs ●Network Blu-ray/DVD/HDD recorders
  • ●Mobile phones (Mobile phone carriers, portable terminal manufacturing companies) ●Smartphones ●Tablet devices
  • ●Multimedia terminals (Home video game consoles, handheld video game machines) ●Internet terminals
  • ●Home network devices (Home servers) ●Wireless devices/services (Hot spot businesses, Wi-Fi terminals) ●Photo-sharing websites
  • ●Online data storage services ●Online printing services ●Online image/video services (Portal sites, blog sites)
  • ●Social networking services/photography-related applications ●Telecoms
  • ●Various hobby services (General photographic hobbies including railroad, astronomy and underwater)
  • ●Services for photo shooting events (Related businesses including travel agencies, sightseeing associations and model agencies)

CP+2022 On-site Event

Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Covid-19 Infection

A variety of projects and events will be held for professional photographers, camera enthusiasts,
business users, students who are just starting out, women, and beginners to have fun and learn about cameras.

Presentation Stage

Presenting new products and
technologies to a variety of visitors
on the stage with infection control

A presentation stage for exhibitors will be available for a fee, with the number of participants limited to a maximum of 30 and infection control measures in place. This is a great opportunity for exhibitors to promote their products and services in a safe and secure manner without queuing up or standing in line by applying in advance and distributing numbered tickets.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Presentation Stage

World Premiere

As the world premiere of
a Japan-originated, world-first
presentation, the event will
effectively promote new products,
technologies and information from exhibitors


CP+ is attracting more and more attention as one of the world's leading venues for world premiere announcements in the field of camera imaging equipment. We invite you to take advantage of the high-profile CP+ for your world premiere announcements. World premiere products that have passed the standards set by CP+ can use the World Premiere logo. The World Premiere logo can be used not only at the exhibition booth, but also in the press room where domestic and international media gather.

Photo Accessory Outlet

A popular photo accessory outlet for consumers
Only available in stock!

The CP+ exhibitors will set up booths to sell outlet products specializing in photo accessories.This is a great opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to interact with each other and have fun finding bargains that can only be found here.This year's event will be held in preparation for the prevention of the Covid-19 Infection.

*Photos from the 2019 event

image photo

CP+2022 Exhibition Guidelines

CP+2022 Online Event expands more, connects more.
It enhances communication ability with various stakeholders.


Before the show
During the show
After the show

◆Pre-Event (programs will be determined at a later date)

The biggest advantage of Online Event is that every
participant can search for or learn necessary information

He is big fan of photography and cameras
Sns user who hopes to take cool pictures
A creator who stream video with passion
A business person who seeks up-to-date information
Professional/amateur photography who loves beautiful scenses
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