The World Premiere show for camera and photo imaging CP+ CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2022


CP+2022 Exhibition Guidelines

①Exhibit Areas

Companies and organizations relevant to the following categories are eligible for exhibiting at CP+2022 On-site Events.

②Booth Specification

3m wide X 3m depth, 9 sqm per booth space

③Fees per Booth Space

③Fees per Booth Space

④Charges Included in the Exhibition Fee

  • 1) Use of exhibition floor space within basic event hours
  • 2) Installation of back and side walls (For parallel booths with 1–3 booth lots. Back wall only for 4 block booths.)
  • 3) Lighting within basic event hours
  • 4) Air-conditioning within basic event hours
  • 5) General event, PR and printing costs
  • 6) Basic facility work and maintenance
  • 7) Overall planning, operation, management and security costs

⑤Charges Not Included in the Exhibition Fee

  • 1) Fees for booth decorations, operation, installation and removal
  • 2) Primary and secondary electrical installations and electricity, gas, water and any usage fees incurred.
    (partially covered in the package booth plan)
  • 3) Installation fees for temporary telephones and phone usage charges.
  • 4) Insurance to cover bodily injuries or any damage to exhibition equipment.
  • 5) Compensation for any damage or loss of onsite items / equipment or exhibit items of other exhibitors.
  • 6) Fees incurred for the disposal of trash or any decoration materials left onsite.
  • 7) Other costs that may arise but are not included in the basic exhibition fee.
  • 8) Regarding electricity costs: you will be required to
    make payments for the summary of 1, 2, and 3 below.
  • *Rates for CP+ 2019 for reference
  • (The rates are subject to change in CP+ 2022)
⑤Charges Not Included in the Exhibition Fee

⑥Basic Booth Specifications

If you use 1–3 booth spaces, the organizer will provide you with wall panels. The basic equipment for these walls is system panels, which are used for both the back and side walls.

These walls are installed by the organizer. In addition, as a general rule corner booth do not have any side walls. If you need the walls, please contact CP+ Show Management Office.

It is the exhibitor's responsibility to procure all the required implements (such as display counters, suspended signs, guide panels, company name plates and so forth) at its own expense. Alternatively, CP+ Show Management Office also offers the affordable “Package Booth,” an example of which is described in the “Description of Important Matters Related to the Exhibition Hall Displays.”

⑥Basic Booth Specifications

⑦Booth configuration

Booth configuration is determined depend on the number of booths.

*The layout of booth configuration is determined by the CP+ Operating Committee.

*The presence or absence of adjacent booths for booths with in-line 1-3 booths will be determined by the layout.

*Booth configuration of 41 or more booth spaces is determined by the CP+ Operational Committee.

*There may be a case that the CP+ Operational committee arranges the number of booth spaces and booth configuration are determined by depend on the application.

⑦Booth configuration
⑦Booth configuration

⑧Height Limit

The height of basic wall panel for 3 or less and square 4 booth spaces is 2.7m. There is no height limit of exhibit products but height limits for equipment, decorations, signs are as follows. The height limits of island booth, 6 or more booth spaces, are listed below. Please be sure to design the booth decoration carefully so that it will not collapse or fall down.

⑧Height Limit

⑨Booth location

Booth location will be determined at the exhibitor explanery meeting held on Wednesday, November 10.

In case that there are multiple exhibitors in the same zone and the same number of booth spaces, the location will be decided by lottery.

Online Event Guidelines

①Exhibition Subjects

Companies and organizations relevant to the following categories are eligible for exhibiting at CP+2022 Online Event.


  • ●Digital cameras (SLR cameras, compact cameras)
  • ●Interchangeable lenses
  • ●Digital camcorders/digital movie cameras
  • ●Film cameras (SLR cameras, compact cameras, medium format cameras, large format cameras, special cameras, camera with interchangeable lenses)
  • ●Film (Color negative, color reversal, monochrome)
  • ●Mobile devices with built-in cameras
  • ●Scanners (Film scanners, flatbed scanners)
  • ●Camera accessories (Stabilizers, gimbals, cranes, dollies, Tripods, monopods, camera platforms, camera bags, filters, strobes, conversion lenses, battery grips, exposure meters, moisture-proof cabinets, camera cleaning supplies, battery packs, various batteries, power sources)
  • ●Smartphone accessories
  • ●Memory cards
  • ●Security cameras
  • ●Drones/wearable cameras/security camera/AR・VR/other multi-purpose cameras
  • ●Video/CG production
  • ●Lightings (Large studio strobes, location strobes, LED lighting equipment, tungsten lighting equipment, halogen lamp lighting equipment)
  • ●Studio accessories (Stands, tripods, camera platforms, back screens, chairs for photographs, platforms for group photographs, light boxes, general props for photography)
  • ●Accessories for merchandise Photography (Merchandise photographing base, background paper)
  • ●Telescopes/binoculars (Astronomical telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes)
  • ●Microscopes/medical instruments
  • ●Camera/lens modules (Electronic devices, optical devices, firmware development and evaluation systems)
  • ●Photographic equipment (Studio and indoor decorations, floral decorations, amenity supplies)
  • ●Clothes and cosmetics (Dresses, set of Japanese clothes, makeup supplies, bouquets)
  • ●Outdoors/sports


  • ●Printers/MFPs
  • ●Photo printing paper/ink
  • ●Printing services (Store printing, kiosk terminals, on-line printing)
  • ●4K/8K TVs
  • ●Projectors/screens
  • ●Blu-ray/DVD/HDD recorders
  • ●Home theater systems
  • ●Digital photo frames
  • ●Digital photo storage/photo viewers
  • ●Digital audio players with display
  • ●Computer displays
  • ●Color management devices
  • ●Graphics tablets
  • ●Image processing software (Photo retouch, RAW processing, photo management, album creation)
  • ●Video editing software
  • ●VR/AR
  • ●Storage media (Blu-ray, DVD, CD-R/RW drives and discs, SSD, HDD)
  • ●Darkroom equipment (Film developing, enlargers, photographic papers, processing chemicals)
  • ●Photo lab equipment (Mini lab equipment, development processing systems, photographic papers, processing chemicals)
  • ●Printing-related equipment and systems (DTP, input-output devices, image processing, color proof equipment)
  • ●Slideshow devices (Projectors, viewers, files, screens)
  • ●Photo display-related devices (Photo frames, mounts, frames, dry mount materials)
  • ●Photo storage/management devices (School albums, photo albums, photo books)
  • ●Photography & Video-related literature
  • ●Photo & Video-support businesses


  • ●Computers
  • ●Network HDTVs
  • ●Network Blu-ray/DVD/HDD recorders
  • ●Mobile phones (Mobile phone carriers, portable terminal manufacturing companies)
  • ●Smartphones
  • ●Tablet devices
  • ●Multimedia terminals (Home video game consoles, handheld video game machines)
  • ●Internet terminals
  • ●Home network devices (Home servers)
  • ●Wireless devices/services (Hot spot businesses, Wi-Fi terminals)
  • ●Photo-sharing websites
  • ●Online data storage services
  • ●Online printing services
  • ●Online image/video services (Portal sites, blog sites)
  • ●Social networking services/photography-related applications
  • ●Telecoms
  • ●Various hobby services (General photographic hobbies including railroad, astronomy and underwater)
  • ●Services for photo shooting events (Related businesses including travel agencies, sightseeing associations and model agencies)

②Application for Exhibiting

Enter and submit all required information in the Exhibition Application Form on the CP+ official website.

The application and agreement for exhibiting will be considered complete as of the notice of receipt from the CP+ show management office. The date described on the Notice of Receipt is considered to be the date of contract agreement, and the exhibitor is responsible for paying the exhibition fee.

Co-exhibitors are not allowed at CP+2022 Online Event, except for those between partnership companies.

Exhibitors participating in CP+ events for the first time are to be evaluated by the CP+ Operating Committee. Such exhibitors are required to send their corporate brochure and other documents describing their main products in PDF format to the CP+ Show Management Office.

Send to: CP+ Show Management Office. (

③Application Deadline

Friday, October 29, 2021.

④Exhibition Fees, Invoicing for Exhibition Fees, and Deadline for the Payment of Exhibition Fees

  • 1) Exhibition fee for CP+2022 Online Event Exhibition at CP+2022 Online Event: 300,000 yen + consumption tax
  • 2) Invoicing for the Exhibition Fee Invoices for the exhibition fee will be issued to exhibitors or exhibition agencies by the CP+ Show Management Office (event coordinator: Nikkei Events Pro Co., Ltd.). No offsetting, drafts, lump sum payment on a predetermined date, etc. will be accepted, regardless of whether your company conducts business directly with Nikkei Events Pro Co., Ltd. All exhibition fees must be paid via bank transfer (Japanese yen only) to the designated bank account by the deadline indicated on the invoice. The transfer charge is payable by the exhibitor. Note that you will receive your invoice by mail in late March after the exhibition in case additional costs (in addition to the exhibition fees) arise.
  • 3) Deadline for Payment of the Exhibition Fee Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

⑤Cancellation after Application

Should it become necessary after your application to cancel, you will be able to do so upon payment of the following cancellation fees:

Cancellation before 23:59 on Friday, October 29, 2021: 50% of the exhibition fee (excluding tax)

Cancellation at or after 00:00 on Saturday, October 30, 2021 : 100% of the exhibition fee (excluding tax)

This rule is applied even if CP+ at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall is cancelled and if CP+2022 Online Event only is held.

⑥Cancellation/Shortening of the Event

  • 1) In the event that natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, heavy snow, the spread of infectious diseases, terrorism, instructions or orders from a certain third party, server failure, transmission failure, failure caused by computer virus infection, failure caused by a cyber-attack, failure caused by a congested network, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the organizers (hereinafter referred to as “force majeure”) happen and that due to such causes the organizers deem it difficult to hold CP+2022 Online Event (hereinafter referred to as “these causes”), the CP+ Show Management Office may change the event period or event hours before or even during the event, or may cancel CP+2022 Online Event altogether. In no event will the organizers or CP+ Show Management Office be held responsible for any damage, increased costs, or other liability that could arise from such decision and implementation.
  • 2) If the entire event is cancelled before it starts due to these causes, the CP+ Show Management Office will provide refunds for the exhibition fee minus payment for the necessary expenses. The calculation of the necessary expenses will be decided at the discretion of the CP+Show Management Office.
  • 3) If the dates or hours of the event are shortened halfway through the schedule due to theses causes, the exhibition fee will not be refunded to the exhibitors.
  • 4) Any other expense and so on incurred by the exhibitors for the cancellation or shortening of the event due to these causes will not be compensated.
  • 5) In the case where event hours are changed or the event is cancelled due to some reason attributable to the responsibility of the organizers, the organizers and the CP+ Show Management Office will assume only the responsibility for refunding the exhibition fee, prorated in accordance with the hours during which the event was not held, and holds no other responsibility regardless of reason for the change or cancellation. However, this rule is not applied in the case where the change or cancellation is due to the organizers’ intention or gross negligence.

⑦Governing Law

All contracts and agreements for the exhibitions of the exhibitors are subject to Japanese law.

⑧Observance of Laws and Regulations

All exhibitors must observe the laws and regulation in Japan and the organizers and CP+ Show Management Office will assume no responsibility for the violation of laws and regulations by the exhibitors.

⑨Exclusive Jurisdiction

Tokyo District Court will have the exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising in connection with exhibitors' exhibits.

⑩Modification of This Document

The content of this “CP+ Online Event Exhibition Rules” may be partially modified if the organizers and the CP+ Show Management Office deem it necessary to do so. In such case, the exhibitors will be notified of the modifications made, and the exhibitors must observe the content of such modified document.

⑪Agreement to All Rules and Regulations

All exhibitors that have applied to exhibit (and their agents) must agree to follow all the rules and regulations set forth in this “CP+ Online Event Exhibition Rules.“

CP+2022 Schedule Prior to the Event

Acceptance of exhibition applications begins Sep. 17(Fri.)
Exhibition application deadline Oct. 29(Fri.)
Explanatory meeting with exhibitors Booth lot allocation lottery
(to be held online)
Nov. 10(Wed.)
Deadline for payment of exhibition fee Nov. 30(Tue.)
Press Conference Mid January
Deadline for various submission documents.
Distribution of exhibitor passes & vehicle passes, etc.
Mid January
Installation Feb. 22(Tue.)•23(Wed.)
Online Event Days Feb. 22(Tue.) to 27(Sun.)
On-site Event Days Feb. 24(Thu.) to 27(Sun.)

How to apply for CP+2022

  • ①Please access the official website and agree to the terms of Condition for the show and the privacy policy.
    Exhibition application deadline : Oct. 29(Fri.)
  • ②After the application is submitted, an auto-reply email will be sent to the person in charge who has registered.
  • ③After the organizer confirms the details of the application, the organizer will send an e-mail to the person in charge with the official receipt of the application, the log-in information (Exhibitor ID) and password for the exhibitor's My Page.
    (The application will be deemed to have been accepted when this e-mail is sent.)
    *New exhibitors will be screened, and only those who pass the screening will be issued an ID and password.
  • ④New exhibitors are requested to upload a scanned copy of the application form.
  • ⑤Please log in to “Exhibitor My Page" with your exhibitor ID and password to receive an invoice and make a payment by the due date.
    Deadline for payment of exhibition fee : Nov. 30(Tue.)
    *All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
Application Form

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