The World Premiere show for camera and photo imaging CP+ CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2021

Information of Exhibition

Provides the best opportunity for new product announcements and brand appeal

CP+ is a camera, photography, and imaging show for consumers, professional photographers, and other business users, with participants from a wide variety of target demographics.

  • In 2019, 69,615 people* came to the venue and out of this number, about 1/3 were first visitors
    (Reference: CP+2019 Report)
    *This is the number of registered participants for the event.
    This registered participants figure is not the same as the total number of participants in the event, as it only includes those registered in advance. If the same participant visited the venue on multiple event days, there is no duplicate counting with this figure.
  • More than 120 companies from both inside and outside of Japan exhibited at the event
    There were also a total of more than 1,100 individual booths!
    (Reference: CP+2019 Report)
  • The dissemination of information by visitors can be expected!
    Two thirds of CP+ visitors posted information about the event via social media
    (Source: Visitors Questionnaire)
  • An event that directly ties in to the purchasing process!
    After visiting the CP+ venue, approximately 5% of participants purchased products within a one-week period
    (Source: Visitors Questionnaire)
  • More than 90% of exhibitors were satisfied with their CP+ experience
    (Source: Questionnaire for Exhibitors)
  • Press came to Japan from many countries and regions over the world
    Ideal for spreading information to the world
  • The event is held in Japan
    The birthplace of commercial photography: "Yokohama"
  • CP+ exhibitors can conduct outlet sales of photo accessory products at the specified venue
    *With the exception of cameras


We provide a layout with improved flow and accessibility in order to achieve an event that handles a variation of participant needs while sharing the appeal of cameras, photography, and imaging culture with as many people as possible.

"Shooting, viewing, and connecting" Exhibitions feature all types of photo and imaging products



    Comprehensive exhibition

    "A comprehensive camera and imaging exhibition" for professional photographers, business users, and photography enthusiasts to galvanize the photo imaging industry



    "Shooting, viewing, and connecting"

    Offering the joy of "shooting, viewing, and connecting" photographs through events focusing on various aspects of photography



    Provision of information from Japan

    Disseminating the latest information on state-of-the-art products and technologies from Japan to the world to propel the camera and imaging business in the world



    Photo imaging culture

    Working more closely with the international city of Yokohama to contribute to the dissemination and development of photo imaging culture


World Premieres /
World Premieres Awards

With a number of World Premieres (world-first announcements of products), CP+ will more effectively introduce new products, technologies, and information to various target consumers.

World Premiere logo

World Premiere Awards logo

The Editors' Photo Award

Japan and France photo culture exchange project!
Supporting photo culture by featuring photo awards for up-and-coming photographers and Japan-France joint exhibitions and voting.


The theme of CP+2019 was "Excite yourself! Take amazing photos" Various events were held so as to have not only repeat visitors but also women and beginners get interested and participate in the activities.


Strengthened cooperation with Yokohama, "the city of photography."
Aiming for industrial and cultural development through the medium of photography with a firm partnership.

Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama (left) and Kazuo Ushida, Former President of Camera & Imaging Products Association (right)

  • [ Photo Yokohama 2019 Special Event ]
    Square Pair Exhibition

    Feb 25 (Mon) to March 3 (Sun)
    Venue: Mirai Tube
    (inside Minatomirai Station)

    (Talk show)
    March 2 (Sat)
    Conference Center Room 303-304

  • Press Photo Exhibition 2018

    Jan 12 (Sat) to Mar 24 (Sun)
    Venue: Newspark
    (Japan Newspaper Museum)

  • Exhibition
    "Japan through Diplomats' Eyes 2018"

    Feb 5 (Tue) to Feb 11 (Mon, National holiday)
    Venue: Sankeien Garden Kakushokaku

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