The World Premiere show for camera and photo imaging CP+ CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2019

For General Visitors

Is parking available?
Use the paid parking lot at the site or any other nearby paid parking lot. However, it is anticipated that the parking lots will be extremely busy or full during the event period, thus please use public transportation whenever possible.
Where is the Annex Hall located (at which the Used Camera Fair and Photo Accessory Outlet takes place)?
The Annex Hall is located back on the second floor of the Exhibition Hall of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA. Enter the Annex Hall through the concourse on the second floor.
How much is the admission fee?
The admission fee is 1,500 yen (incl. tax). If you pre-register on the website, admission will be free.
* Free admission for visitors with a physical disability certificate and for children aged 12 years and younger.
What should I do if I forget my "entrance pass exchange ticket" or if I cannot print out the exchange ticket?
At the reception counter, present the QR code on the "entrance pass exchange ticket" displayed on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet; then, you can enter. Note, however, that during the event period, the wireless connection in and around the venue may be busy and disabled. Please pre-register before visiting the venue whenever possible. Otherwise, you will be charged the normal admission fee.
I have an invitation. Can I enter for free?
If you have an invitation, you can enter the site for free. Fill out the back of the invitation and present the ticket at the reception counter (one ticket provides free admission to one person). However, if you wish to participate in a seminar or event, you need to pre-register on the website even if you already have an invitation.
We are a group of two people or more. Will it be enough that only one of us registers?
Each person must register. A collective registration for a group by a representative is not acceptable.
Is re-entry allowed? I plan to visit the exhibition on more than one day. Do I have to register twice?
The entrance pass that you receive when you enter the site is valid for all days of the exhibition.
The seminar or event that I want to attend seems to be already full. Is there any way that I can participate in it?
No waiting list for cancellation is available for seminars and events. If someone cancels participation, the vacant seat will become available for registration on the official website. Thus, please check the website for vacancy on a regular basis. For waiting lists for cancellation on the day of the events at the venue, no details are determined yet. Please check with the reception staff of the seminars and events at the venue on the day.
If I cancel a paid seminar, do I have to pay any cancellation charge?
No cancellation charge is necessary. However, when it becomes clear that you cannot attend the seminar, please make a cancellation on your My Page, as there are other people who may wish to participate.
May I take pictures or videos at the exhibition venue?
Within the Exhibition Hall of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, you can take pictures or videos freely except in locations where a "No Photography or Video" sign is posted. However, general visitors other than the press are not allowed to use monopods, tripods, reflector boards, or forced-flash mode. Please make sure not to disturb other visitors. In the exhibitor booths, follow the rules established by the exhibitors. When you post your photos on a weblog, etc., take extra care not to infringe on personal privacy. At OSANBASHI Hall, follow the rules established by the exhibitors for their own respective booths.
Can I purchase cameras, lenses, or accessories at the exhibition site?
You can buy goods at the Used Camera Fair and Photo Accessory Outlet, which takes place in the Annex Hall of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA during the exhibition. Note, however, that exhibitors are prohibited to sell goods within the Exhibition Hall of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, excluding some booths approved by the organizer.
Is there any space at the exhibition site where I can eat and drink?
A certain area of space for eating is available within the Exhibition Hall, but it is anticipated that the space will be busy. Please use other facilities nearby as well.
Can I bring my children to the exhibition?
Yes, no problem. Please note that, when you visit the exhibition with your family, registration is required for each member of your family. For children aged 12 and younger, admission is free and no pre-registration is required. However, to attend a seminar or event that requires pre-registration, even a child of 12 years old or younger needs to pre-register.
Where can I find luggage lockers?
At PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, luggage lockers are located in the concourses on the first and second floors of the Exhibition Hall. At OSANBASHI Hall, you can find them in the lobby on the way to the hall.
Can I bring my pet into the venue?
No animals other than service dogs are allowed into the exhibition sites of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA and OSANBASHI Hall.
Where is the Conference Center where seminars and events are held?
The Conference Center is located on the right side when you are facing the entrance of the Exhibition Hall of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA. For the exact location, see the website of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA.
Until when is pre-registration accepted?
The pre-registration ends around 15 minutes before the closing of the exhibition on Sunday, March 3.
Tell me how I can apply for a seminar, along with the related fees.
All applications are accepted via the website. The fees for paid seminars must be paid in cash on the day that the seminar is held. Please prepare the exact amount, so that no change is needed.
I would like to check if any lost belongings of mine have been turned in.
At PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, contact the Central Disaster Control Center at +81-45-221-2127 (24 hours). At OSANBASHI Hall, contact the OSANBASHI Hall Disaster Control Center at +81-45-212-3396. Note that lost belongings are kept for only a limited period.
How can I get from PACIFICO YOKOHAMA to OSANBASHI Hall or vice versa?
At PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, shuttle buses depart from outside the concourse of the first floor of the Exhibition Hall, and at OSANBASHI Hall, these buses depart from the rotary in front of the immigration lobby. Buses are free to ride and run every 15 minutes. If you choose to walk, it takes about 22 minutes.
Are day care centers and nursing rooms available?
For information regarding PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, see the website of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA. OSANBASHI Hall does have nursing rooms, but no day care centers are available.
Are any barrier-free facilities available?
All facilities are equipped with elevators, slopes, toilets, seating spaces, vending machines, and parking spaces for people in wheelchairs. For details, see the website of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA. At OSANBASHI Hall, slopes and elevators are available for those in wheelchairs. Toilets for wheelchairs are also available.

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