CP+2017 exhibitions and events

The theme of CP+2017 was “Let’s check it out together!” In addition to the existing participants, we held a variety of events to draw the interest of women and families as well.

There were well-received projects like seminars on topics such as business trends and how to enjoy photography and video, as well as presentations by engineers as usual this year. In addition, we also added photo events and seminars targeted to college students, bringing a new kind of appeal to CP+, and we will continue to carry out these initiatives in the future.


The participatory photo gallery and community space, “PHOTO HARBOUR”

Aiming for further developments for the industry as a whole, CP+ provided a space for artists who create photographic works to meet and make connections, named “PHOTO HARBOUR,” featuring the largest participation-style photo exhibition event in Japan, “Onaeba,” and an event for displaying and selling handmade photo books, “PHOTO! FUN! ZINE!.”

< Seminars for business participants >

Keynote Speech
“Women in Photography /
Potential of Exif in the Age of IoT”

Hiroyuki Sasa
President of Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)

  • Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
  • Japanese-Chinese simultaneous interpretation
  • FreePre-registration required

Panel Discussion by Top Engineer
“Creating Attractive Cameras”

  • Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
  • Japanese-Chinese simultaneous interpretation
  • FreePre-registration required

CIPA and GfK
Global Market Seminar

  • Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
  • FreePre-registration required

Video seminar event for professionals
A total of 6 courses

  • FreePre-registration required

CP+ Technological Academy
A total of 10 courses

  • Pay Pre-registration required

Digital Imaging Seminar by Keypoint Intelligence

  • Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
  • FreePre-registration required

For Professional & Intermediate / Advanced Users An Image Processing Seminar by Adobe Systems
A total of 3 sessions

  • Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
  • FreePre-registration required

< Events targeted to consumers >

[ Photo studio project ]

The SHIN SUZUKI PHOTOSTUDIO ― the on-the-road photo studio produced by Shin Suzuki that tours all around the country ― came to CP+! A photo printed in A4 size and the data is given to you after the shoot.

  • FreePre-registration required

Dream Photo Studio

Chromakey technology was used to composite the background of the universe, the sky, or the sea into your photo. The photo was then printed and given to the visitors on-the-spot.

  • FreeApplications accepted on the day of the event

Family Photo Studio

At this event, we provided the services of a professional photographer with the quality you expect from a photo studio and took photos of families in their everyday clothes.

  • Pay Pre-registration required

[ Talkshow ]
J-WAVE×CP+2017 Special Talkshow

Cast members: LiLiCo, Yu Inaba
Special guest: Masanori Ikeda (Photographer)
A special panel discussion was hosted by “ALL GOOD FRIDAY,” a popular radio program broadzcast during the day every Friday.

  • FreePre-registration required

[Photo Exhibitions & Participation-Style Events]
“#Mamire” Exhibition

Many photos of lovely dogs, cats, and birds, all of which were taken by Instagramers and appear in the popular magazine-book series “Mamire” was on display at this event.

  • FreeInstagram-related Collaborative Event

Special Exhibition
APA Photo Exhibition

The “APA Awards” event exhibited works from Kozaburo Iwakiri, winner of the Minister’s Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, as well as a number of other award-winning pieces.

[ Sales Event ]
Used camera fair

Used camera stores from all over Japan came to the CP+ venue with a variety of offerings ranging from classic mechanical cameras to popular digital cameras, and these appealing models were both displayed and sold.

Photo accessory outlet

At this event put together by the CP+ exhibitors a variety of photo accessories were sold. Just like the CP+ used camera fair, this event was also extended to four days in duration, and there was an excellent selection of goods available. Sales exceeded the usual levels this year.

[ Portfolio Review ]
Limited to students!
“Attitudes and Preparations for Solicitation and Obtaining Jobs”
Seminar & Portfolio Reviews

The speakers, who are top-tier creatives, producers, and photographers in the advertisement industry, talk about the knowledge and techniques required for solicitation and obtaining jobs.

  • FreePre-registration required

Other events

  • Japan-France Photo Cultural Exchange -Special Event
    Awards Ceremony & Gallery Talk with Japanese & French ZOOMS
  • Video Area for Professionals
  • Japan Camera Industry Institute and JCII Camera Museum
    Old, but New
    History of Movie, Panorama, Stereo Cameras
  • “Shashin Koshien” High School Photo Contest by the Town of Photo, Higashikawa
  • Tourism PR zone with local mascots in Kanagawa Prefecture

and others

Voices from exhibitors at CP+2017


What were your impressions of CP+2017, the 8th time the event has been held?


Please share your comments related to the number of participants.


Was the initial goal of your exhibit met?


Please share your comments related to the “Press Time” held on the first day of the event period.


Please explain your goals for this exhibition.

Rank Breakdown
1st Increase our company’s products’ appeal to the market (including new products)
2nd Improve our company’s brand appeal
3rd Find a sales agent
4th Find products to handle at our company
5th Find a manufacturer to request development or production