CP+2016 exhibitions and events

The 7th installment of CP+ featured an even greater variety of events than before. Large numbers of visitors took interest.

Seminars covered topics ranging from the latest business trends to explanations of how to enjoy photos and videos.
Not only the participants, but also the exhibitors praised featured such as lectures given by technicians at the forefront of their fields and video projects for professionals.

Keynote Speech 4K and 8K: Changing the Camera and Imaging Products Markets

Hiroyuki Sasa
President of Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)

Making it into common use, 4K and 8K TVs have the potential of not only improving resolution, but totally changing people's ideas of image quality. Camera and imaging product manufacturers, which play a role in recording "memories for the future," take this evolution in ideas as a new opportunity for product development. The panelist introduced that CP+2016 would be a good place to experience the leading edge of technology.

  • Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
  • Japanese-Chinese simultaneous interpretation
  • FreePre-registration required

Panel Discussion by
Top Engineers

“What Shape Will Cameras of the Future Take?”
Digital camera was a significant advance, owing to the innovations of manufacturers. What kind of digital cameras will users want in the future? The panelists reviewed the development of camera technologies in recent years and discussed cameras in the coming age.

  • Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
  • Japanese-Chinese simultaneous interpretation
  • FreePre-registration required

Guest Speech
“Our Culture of Photo Books”

<Speaker> Kotaro Iizawa (Photo Critic)

Since the 1960s, Japan has formed its own and distinct photo culture. It is not an exaggeration to say that the photo books published in Japan every year are top-notch in quality and quantity the world over. Mr. Iizawa talked about the fascination of photo books, as well as the future and possibility of photo books as a culture.

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CP+ Technological Academy
A total of 10 courses

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Digital Imaging Seminar by InfoTrends

  • English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation
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CIPA and GfK Global Market Seminar

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Other events

  • Japan-France Photo Cultural Exchange—Special Event  ZOOMS Joint Photo Exhibition
  • ZOOMS JAPAN Awards Ceremony & Gallery Talk with Japanese & French ZOOMS
  • CP+2016 Used Camera Fair
    From classic cameras to digital cameras
  • Photo Accessory Outlet
  • The Universe Seen with the 30-meter Telescope (TMT)
  • Special Exhibition of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
  • Video Seminar for Professionals
  • Video Area for Professionals
  • ONAEBA vol.18 Yokohama
  • Japan Camera Industry Institute and JCII Camera Museum
    History of the Camera from the Viewpoint of the Mechanism
  • “Shashin Koshien” High School Photo Contest & “The Town of Photo: HIGASHIKAWA”
  • Professional Photographers of Japan/
    Japan Photo Culture
    Association Family Photo Studio
  • JPS Special Exhibition  Did You Know? — “Atomic Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki”
  • Enjoy Photo Stage
  • JPS (Japan Professional Photographers Society) Seminar:
    Right of Publicity: What to Do in Certain Cases
    Open Show CP+2016
    PHOTO LOUNGE Special Feature

Voices from exhibitors at CP+2016


What were your impressions of CP+ 2016, the 7th time the event has been held?


Please share your comments related to the number of participants.


Was the initial goal of your exhibit met?


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Please explain your goals for this exhibition.

Rank Breakdown
1st Increase our company's products' appeal to the market (including new products)
2nd Improve our company's brand appeal
3rd Find a sales agent
4th Find products to handle at our company
  • Find a manufacturer to request development or production
  • Used for study to learn about other companies' technology
  • Meeting an overseas sales agent