Opens at 10:00 12:00 on February 25 closed at 18:00 17:00 on February 28 PACIFICO YOKOHAMA OSANBASHI Hall JAPAN

Video Seminar for Professionals


February 25 (Thu)
Free Pre-registration required
Japanese Only
VenueConference Center 303/304
Number of seats250 each

Lesson in Deploying 13:00–14:30 Selecting Cameras and
Lenses for SLR Moviemaking

Hiroshi Shikano (Photographer)
In this seminar, Mr. Shikano will cover the movie functions of SLRs and mirrorless cameras from different manufacturers and report in detail which functions are useful in which situations, along with the best interchangeable lenses for moviemaking. Now that anyone can make a 4K-resolution movie with a smartphone, in order to shoot a movie of better quality as a pro, videographers need to know the shooting techniques that can make full use of the characteristics of their cameras and the distinctive advantages of their lenses.
Hiroshi Shikano

Lesson in Using 15:30–17:00 Putting SLR Movies Made in Japan Out Into the World

Hidetaka Ino (Producer, augment5 Inc.)
In a world made small because of the Internet, Mr. Ino will introduce visitors to necessary information regarding putting film work produced with SLR movies onto world markets, including how to create a world-class movie and the current situations of the overseas film markets. The speaker is Mr. Hidetaka Ino of augment5 Inc., a digital content creator group that has participated in the Festival de Cannes. Mr. Ino has many fans around the world, with his works showing beautiful scenes in many parts of Japan.
Hidetaka Ino
February 26 (Fri)
Free Pre-registration required
VenueConference Center 303/304
Number of seats250 each

Lesson in Using 13:00–14:30 Shooting and Color Correction:
Staying a Step Ahead

Takashi Chiba (Cinematographer/DIT)
As a cinematographer and DIT (digital image technician) of commercials and others, Mr. Chiba will explain how to shoot a more powerful and beautiful movie with an SLR camera. He will also introduce visitors to basic shooting techniques, the usage of external recording devices and other peripheral devices, and a basic knowledge of color correction for processing the colors and tone of a movie, in order to improve the degree of perfection.
Takashi Chiba

Lesson in Trends 15:30–17:00 Dawn of the Age of Drone Aerial Shooting

Shu Kobayashi (studioamana, Special Equipment Division of airvision)
In this seminar, Mr. Kobayashi will explain in detail the current situation, problems, and possibilities of aerial shooting using small-size drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). He will discuss a wide variety of topics related to drone shooting, including case examples of drone shooting in the movie industry, TV commercials, and Web movies, the contents of the flight regulations in the revised Civil Aeronautics Act, know-how for safe and reliable shooting, drone models suitable for aerial shooting, and the performance of cameras installed on drones.
Shu Kobayashi

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