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Marketing Seminar

Digital Imaging Seminar by InfoTrends

February 26 (Fri)
Free Pre-registration required English–Japanese simultaneous interpretation
VenueConference Center 301/302
Number of seats250 each

1 10:30–11:20 Three Reasons to Be Excited About the Camera Market

Ed Lee(Group Director, Worldwide Consumer and Professional Imaging Service, InfoTrends)
Interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) are one of the bright spots of the capture market. As they continue to grow in importance, InfoTrends expects ILCs to account for 40% of worldwide units and almost 70% of revenue by 2020. Professional photographers and hobbyists are another key driver in this market. They are avid buyers of cameras, lenses, and accessories and they do more with the photos that they take. In this presentation, InfoTrends will give its view of the camera market, spotlight results from recent research studies, and highlight three key reasons why camera vendors should get excited about the camera market again.
Ed Lee

2 11:20–12:10 How Technology is Changing Viewing and Sharing

Alan Bullock(Associate Director, Connected Imaging Trends Service, InfoTrends)
New technologies will create exciting new opportunities to view and share photos and video. 4K capture is now available in many smartphones, premium cameras, and POV video devices. 8K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) are on the horizon, bringing additional advances in quality. In this session, InfoTrends will examine these recent developments as well as trends in sharing personal content.
Alan Bullock

CIPA and GfK Global Market Seminar

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These marketing seminars are must-see events jointly held by the CIPA, which is continuously working on statistics activities with digital cameras at its core, and by GfK, which boasts a powerful network spanning many countries all over the world.
It is necessary to understand the individual market characteristics of the current digital camera market, which have been shifted from simply pursuing sales volume to pursuing sales value by offering function or quality to each consumer. The seminars aim to report on the results of surveys and statistics globally, and they focus on the EU, Russia, China, and Japan so as to discover clues for future action.

CIPA Seminar

1 13:30–13:50 [Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)]
Statistics of Actual Shipments and Prospects

Masahiro Uehara [Chair of Research & Statistics Working Group, CIPA]
Masahiro Uehara
GfK Seminar

2 13:50–14:10 [Global]
Growth Drivers in a High Value Imaging Market

Frank Franz [Global Sales and Marketing Director Photo,
GfK Retail and Technology GmbH]
The lecturer was changed from the originally announced.
Frank Franz

3 14:10–14:40 [EU, Russia, and NIS]
Challenging Markets under Different Economic Conditions

Haluk Oezdemir [Senior Consultant, GfK Retail and Technology GmbH]
Ben Arnold

4 14:50–15:20 [China]
Image the Life in Further --- China Photo Market

Alfred Zhou (Managing Director, GfK Retail and Technology China Co.,Ltd.)
Alfred Zhou

5 15:20–15:50 [Japan]
The Need for Premium Strategy in Mature Market

Shigekazu Akimoto (Business Manager, GfK Marketing Services Japan Ltd.)
Gerard Tan

6 15:50–16:30 Discussion 

Discussions led by each speaker

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