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Photo Exhibitions, Exhibitions & Events


Feb 27 (Sat)
Free Pre-registration required Japanese Only
VenueBAY BRIDGE CAFETERIA (Conference Center 6F)
Number of seats150
For details, see PHOTO LOUNGE official website
  • Mitsuru Mizutani, Atsushi Yamada
  • We will be holding the PHOTO LOUNGE special feature at CP+. It is a sister event of PHOTOGRAPHERS SUMMIT that was a live experimental photo event that established the concept of photograph slideshows in Japan. Regular members from the much talked about event in Shibuya drawing an audience of 100 will make a presentation of their photographs. Visitors will be able to interact with the forefront in photographic expression in the portfolio and zine areas.

    PHOTO YOKOHAMA PresentsOpen Show CP+2016

    Feb 27 (Sat)
    Free Pre-registration required Japanese Only
    VenueYokohama Museum of Art Lecture Hall
    Number of seats240
    For details, see Open Show official website
  • Harumichi Saito (Photographer)/Mari Katayama (Artist)
  • Moderator
  • Taro Amano (Curator-in-chief, Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino)
  • The Open Show that began in San Francisco in 2009 is a photo slideshow event that encourages any one to participate and that provides an opportunity for participants to get hands-on with and learn about high-quality photographs. Its network continues to grow, having since grown to an event held in 30 cities across 17 countries. This year’s Open Show will once again be specially held at CP+2016.


    Katsuyoshi Tanaka
    Harumichi Saito (Photographer)
    Daisuke Ito
    Mari Katayama (Artist)

    National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Special ProgramsSeminar:
    The Universe Seen with the 30-meter Telescope[TMT]

    Feb 28 (Sun)
    Free Pre-registration required Japanese Only
    VenueConference Center 301/302
    Number of seats400
  • Masanori Iye (Professor Emeritus, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
  • After the installation of the eight-meter Subaru Telescope at the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) is promoting the construction of a 30-meter, next-generation, extremely large telescope (TMT) as part of an international scientific cooperation project. Mr. Iye will introduce the audience to the structure and performance of the ultimate camera, the TMT, which comes with adaptive optics technology that cancels out the blurring of images due to atmospheric turbulence, by real-time control. By showing some images, he will also explain in an easy-to-understand manner what astronomy tries to unravel through the images of the universe depicted by the TMT.


    Masanori Iye
    Masanori Iye(Professor Emeritus, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)


    Special Exhibition Special Exhibition of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

    VenueInside Exhibition Hall
    of the NationalAstronomicalObservatory of Japan
    1:150 scale model of the telescope and the observatory dome<br />

©National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

    1:150 scale model of the telescope and the observatory dome
    ©National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

    JPS (Japan Professional Photographers Society)Seminar:
    Right of Publicity: What to Do in Certain Cases?

    Feb 27(sat)
    Free Pre-registration required
    Japanese Only
    Venue Conference Center 301/302
      *The room has been changed from 311/312 to 301/302.
    Number of seats400
    Speaker Norihiko Matsumoto
    (Vice President, Japan Professional Photographers Society)
    When taking pictures around town, the infringement of the right of publicity may be a concern. Using a Q&A style for common questions, Mr. Matsumoto will explain how to obtain permission when taking a picture of someone and what should be kept in mind when exhibiting such photos, participating in photo contests, or posting work on the Web.
    *We changed the seminar venue.


    Norihiko Matsumoto
    Norihiko Matsumoto
    (Vice President, Japan Professional Photographers Society)

    Special ExhibitionDid You Know? – “Atomic Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki”

    Feb 25(thu)to28(sun)
    VenueMinato Mirai Gallery
    In August 1945, atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives in an instant. The exhibition will show 60 photographs taken immediately after the bombing by Yoshito Matsushige, Yosuke Yamahata, and other photographers. The audience of the exhibition will come to know what an atomic bomb really is and what was happening under the mushroom clouds. In Gallery B, the exhibition, “Discovery! The world captured by elementary school children,” will be held, and the exhibition in Gallery C will introduce visitors to the activities of the Japan Photo Archives.
    Nagasaki: A young mother breastfeeding her dying child, by Yosuke Yamahata
    Nagasaki: A young mother
    breastfeeding her dying child,
    by Yosuke Yamahata

    Professional Photographers of Japan/Japan Photo Culture AssociationFamily Photo Studio

    Feb 25(thu)to28(sun)
    Pay Pre-registration required
    (Same-day reservations tentatively possible, but subject to change.)
    VenueInside Exhibition Hall
    Price¥1,000 (incl. tax)
    When was the last time you took family photos? At this year’s specially-created studio inside the CP+ venue, you can have pictures taken of a quality only possible by professional photographers in a studio. Come by in your normal attire for a laid-back opportunity to immortalize your family smile in a portrait.

    JCII Camera MuseumHistory of the Camera from the Viewpoint
    of the Mechanism

    Feb 25(thu)to28(sun)
    VenueInside Exhibition Hall
    “What’s inside a camera?” “How were cameras developed?” “I am interested, but isn’t it hard to understand?” This exhibition will answer such questions. This year’s exhibition will showcase cross-sections and disassembled camera models that can show visitors what is inside, along with lenses, shutters, and others, in order to illustrate the development of the camera mechanism by tracing history. Also, various types of cameras will be displayed by category to show visitors the variety and depth of the world of cameras.

    High School Photo Contest & The Town of Photo: HIGASHIKAWA“Shashin Koshien”

    Feb 25(thu)to28(sun)
    Venue Exhibition Hall, 2F Concourse
    Held on the great landmass, Hokkaido to the North, the Shashin Koshien event sees high school photographers from around the country compete. This year marks the 22nd contest. Among the 514 school entries, representatives from 18 schools and a total of 54 students successfully made it through the first round and through public auditions in the regional blocks. As a team, they took on the challenge of producing great photos. The winners from this event will be on display.

    PHOTO YOKOHAMA“Shashin no Chikara”Stamp Rally
    (Stamp Collection Game)

    Feb 25(thu)to28(sun)
    A stamp collection game will be held for four days during the exhibition period of CP+, in order to provide a means for touring the major event venues of the Minato MiraiDistrict.

    There will also be various other photo and video related events in various places around Yokohama!

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